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Retreat Coordinator

Diana is a passionate yoga teacher, singer, artist, world traveler, and yoga retreat coordinator. She has been practicing yoga for 10 years and is still in awe of the transformational power of the unifying practice of yoga! Diana’s classes are based on empowerment through breath and body awareness, finding and expanding limitations, finding stillness in motion, and discovering & expressing your truest Self. This is emphasized through powerful Vinyasa sequences that focus on alignment and breath control. She creates a safe place for the student to explore and heal their bodies and mind, recognizing the power of spirit when space is created for it's expression.

Yoga is a beautiful dance of inhales and exhales, giving and receiving, surrender and support, effort and effortlessness. It is my pleasure and privilege to share what I have learned throughout the years on my quest for knowledge and wisdom.  

I feel blessed to have such wonderful teachers on my path that have inspired me and introduced me to the profound tools that yoga practices provide. 

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