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Director:  Heather Principe
Co Teachers:  Mark Hubbard

 Empower yourself beyond what you thought was possible and join us as we journey into the deep hermetic realms of our reality.


Program Details: 

Program is 20 Modules, average of 2 times a month on Sundays

11:30am –5:00 pm (EST)

Certificate - The Hermetic School for Human Alchemy, 100 Hour Certificate of Completion will be provided to students who take all modules in the program

Space is limited


Repeat StudentsStudents who have completed an accredited APP/RPP program. 

50% off program price!  

Please call for all details on how to reserve your spot.

Questions? Please call 917 599.1411 We are here to help!

 continue with the full program, the amount paid, will be deduc


This weekend class encompasses Modules 1, 2 & 3 listed below

$299 for Intro Weekend, Space is limited

Friday October 6,  2023       6pm to 9pm

Saturday October 7, 2023  12pm to 9pm

Sunday October 8, 2023     12pm to 9pm

Module 1:  

Energy – The Human  Electromagnetic Field and the Core currents in the Human Body

In this introductory module we explore the understanding of the Three-pole ( positive, negative, neutral) principle at the core of all life-energy understandings and the electromagnetic fields of the human body.

We also learn the secret of Ancient Alchemists, in its originating voice.


Module  2 :       

Tuning In to the Energy /The four step healing process

Awareness is the beginning of all healing.  In this course we learn the process of the step down of energy and the difference between a thought that takes us in circles as opposed to one that is divinely inspired.


Module 3:  

Learning beginning boundaries /The relationship between Spirit, Mind, Emotions and Body

Knowing where you end and someone else begins is the beginning of clarity and clearer conscious decision-making.  Here we will explore the beginning understanding of defining the self.

Module 4: October 29, 2023

Introduction to the Elemental world and its expression in the natural world/The Ether Element


Space is the holder for all the elemental manifestations and without it, nothing that we know in our world could exist.  We will explore what is of spirit and the manifestation of that spirit as it comes into form. 



Module  5:    November 12, 2023

Expressive Freedom and Freedom of Movement, Exploring

confusion / The Air Element

Our thoughts, like our bodies, are manifestations of duality.  We will explore movement through the thought body and learn where the Element of Air manifests in our physical body.


Module 6: November 19, 2023

The Astrological Relationships of Matter, Form and Elemental Manifestation

This class is an eye-opening journey that explains the actual meaning of Astrology in our world and how it is much deeper in significance in the real world of matter than we can imagine.  Revisiting the Alchemists view of matter, we explore real-time Astrology and its connection with Cicadean Rhythms.

Module 7:  December 10, 2023

What Action and Anger have in common /  The Fire Element

Emotion and Relationship / The Water Element

Human Beings have come to fear fire and all that it represents.  Without Fire, there would be no life.  Explore the “spark” with us and learn the associated bodywork.


Module 8 :   December 17, 2023

Energetic Nutrition

We have become victims of a belief system that welcomes in never-ending marketing ploys of what we “should” consume to be well – diets. Never-ending and usually quite detrimental to our well-being, in this class we will learn the very basic Ancient Vedic reality of Elemental Resonance of eating.


Module 9:  January 7, 2024

Life and Death - Spirit coming into form and returning to Spirit/ The Earth Element

In this class we begin the journey of understanding life-death cycles in all dynamic realities, especially the relationship that we have around endings of any kind and how to recognize how fear of change can lead to fixed earth which leads to completion or death.


Module 10:  January 21, 2024

Bringing the Elements together

This class is an entry into learning to rely on intuitive bodywork based on Elemental knowledge.


Module 11:  February 4, 2024

Really Listening- Beyond Hearing

(Energetic Listening Skills)


Most of us think we are listening.  The minute we begin to “give advice” we have actively stopped listening and have “engaged” in the speaker’s charge.  Learn how you loose your neutral listening skill and learn how to truly “reflect” any speaker.

Module 12:   February 18, 2024

The Higher self

(Energetic Listening Skills)


Often we get pulled into life’s struggles and forget how to rise to our best self.  We will experience the part of us known as the “higher self” – and how the word LOVE is often the very trigger for anything but a Higher Self possibility.


Module 13:   March 3, 2024

The Lower Self

(Energetic Listening Skills)


As we get pulled into life’s challenges we often feel inadequate and give in or give up.  Learn to recognize your own Lower Self and how it sabotages you.


Module 14:   March 17, 2024

Integrating the Higher and Lower Selves

(Energetic Listening Skills)


We have inner resources that we never acknowledge.  Begin the journey of using what works for us to support us as we experience challenges that seem insurmountable.


Module 15:   March 31, 2024

The Truth behind the Stories you tell

(Energetic Listening Skills)


We all have a core story that shows in all our exchanges and relationships.  In the experiential class we will learn about ourselves from our own inner-core story.



Module 16:  April 14, 2024

How Energetic Alignment leads to Right Thinking

(Energetic Listening Skills)


Right thinking is an outcome of Conscious Participation.  We will take the next step to becme aware of when we are “thinking” Evolutionary and disruptive thoughts.


Module 17:   April  28, 2024

(Human Earth - Anatomy Overview)


Exactly what it says – an overview of the organs of the body and learning how to “ energetically feel” them in others. 


Module 18:  May 3, 2024

How and why the Hands reflect the Anatomical Body



This class will teach us the Reflex Body and the powerful possibilities of realigning energies through Reflex touch to the hands and organs.


Module 19: May 4, 2024

How and why the Feet reflect the Anatomical Body



This course is exactly like the previous module but teaches us the Reflexes in the Feet.


Module 20 :  May 5 , 2024                            

The Dance of the Reflex Body – As Above so Below



We will put together all we have learned about the Reflex body – Plus a few surprises of other cross-body reflexes that examine the currents we learned in the first few modules.

Associate in Polarity Principles Certification

If you are interested in receiving an Associate in Polarity Principles Certification, from the American Polarity Therapy Association, the following 3 days are also required:

There will be a full weekend where the student will learn the basics of Cranio Sacral work and and a bodywork/verbal exploration of Clinical work.

May 17, 18, 19 - 2024


Monthly Payment Plan for Program:


  • If the student join the program (20 classes), a monthly payment plan will be arranged with the Director

  • Total cost of 20 classes is $2,250 which is broken into 10 payments of $225 monthly. If you already paid for the intro weekend, that will subtracted from the total due. The remaining monthly fee will be $195 per month for 10 months.


You will not be pre-billed for the modules. You can stop the program at any time.

Please note: Students are billed on a monthly basis and if they choose to leave the program for any reason, they will not be billed for future modules.


We look forward to holding space with you.

Questions? We are here to help, please contact 3 Elements at 917 599.1411


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