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Understanding Natural Law and the Energy Body

by Heather Principe

The pulse of life exists within all things seen and unseen. Understanding life energy, its movement and how this movement takes form in our relationship to ourselves, our world and our creator has been the subject of many ancient traditions. The concept of Polarity is in itself one of the seven principles of the Emerald Tablet of Hermes. Dr. Randolph Stone the founder of Polarity Therapy spent his life studying many of these time-honored traditions from the eastern traditions of Ayurveda and oriental medicine to hermeticism and the traditional healing modalities of the west of chiropractic, naturopathy and osteopathy. 

Stone's passion and conviction is that life energy is always present and expressing itself in the subtlest of our electromagnetic fields as well as through our thoughts, feelings, physical structure, personal relationships and everyday experiences. His goal was to understand and map in a coherent way, the natural and essential movement of all life towards health and balance in alignment with spirit and to bring to consciousness healing principles that can be applied to anyone through the art of touch, exercise, nutrition and mental/emotional practice.

Polarity is the philosophic cornerstone of this work as a practical introduction to the working with the different forms that life energy expresses in the body through the 3 Gunas (the basis of life pulse) and the five elements. The intention of this series of classes, which leads to the Associate Polarity Practitioner Certification is to study this natural movement of energy and its path from spirit into matter and back to spirit again. We will discuss how disease enters into this process not only as a form of imbalance but also as an expression for change. We will also explore and develop initial language in our subtle listening skills by sensing our own individual ways that we intuit or “know” our core truth as well as how we work with others in this process. This is done not only through lecture and philosophical discussion, but through practical hand-on exercises.

We look forward to holding space for you in this incredible journey of self-exploration and healing.

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