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Dr. Marizelle Arce

A naturopathic doctor studies holistic and non-toxic approaches to all therapies with a strong emphasis on prevention and optimizing wellness. They use nature as their guide, and utilize the body’s natural healing capabilities. There is focus on the person and their environment. They work on counseling and behavioral modifications. Dr. Marizelle Arce believes nutrition, the food we prepare and eat, is the most important component to health, which makes her different than most naturopaths. Education in that aspect as well as a regimen for other modalities for the person seeking health is key to naturopathic care and wisdom. Each person seeking help, will receive unique guidance and a very personalized plan. Other tools that Dr. Arce may incorporate in the plan:

Whole food Nutrition - Apart from being in-tune with nature, what you eat and how you eat it is probably the most important thing you will do everyday of your life. Only food should supports one’s body, no “food-like” substances nor fractions of foods, this includes vitamins and minerals.

Hydrotherapy - is the use of water to illicit the natural healing ability of the body. It is the oldest form of treatment for the body. Developed in the 1800's by Father Kneipp, a German priest and carried to America by Benedict Lust, water was used to treat many ailments. Water use was multi-faceted. Hot, cold, body temperature, with/without herbs, sprays or showers, compresses, baths, etc; each had their own function to help the body repair and return it to the “normal state”.


Phytotherapy/herbs - is the use of flowers, leaves, resins, and roots to promote the body’s healing and natural functions. For thousands of years, humans as well as animals, used the plants around them to heal what ailed them. Each plant has specific qualities that can help with specific actions of the body with little to no side effects.

European Biological Medicine/Sauna - It is a system of medical therapy developed in Germany that associates hereditary miasmic tendencies, imbalanced internal milieu, pathological microbial pleomorphism and disease manifestations.

1. Improving immune function and improving circulation
2. Supporting and protecting normal, competitive, symbiotic microflora
3. Improving the internal ecology by supporting cell respiration and pH levels
4. Assisting in repairing and rebuilding organs and system
5. Works in conjunction with vitamin/mineral therapies
6. Removes any lifestyle or environmental blockages and assisting in detoxification processes
7. Reducing the effects of biochemical stress and strengthening coping mechanisms


Homeopathy - honed by Dr. Samuel Hahnamann in the 1800's, it was an alternative to the poisons being used as medicines during that time. He found that a lesser dose of many different substances had a good medicinal property as well as no side affects. He found also that eventually dilutions of the substances with no physical evidence left in the dilution, had an even deeper impact with a much more positive long term effect. One of Homeopathy’s tenets is to heal from within, out. This modality is great especially when there are many deep rooted chronic problems.


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