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I was first introduced to yoga at age 4 when I began ballet lessons. My teacher always had us practice yoga, Ashtanga style, before and after class and taught us basic pranayamas for clarity and stamina in later years. My love for the practice was immediate. I continued along into my late teens with ballet, tap, jazz, modern and yoga with my teacher. At age 21 I was introduced to Sivananda style Yoga and became deeply inspired to move further into my Hatha Yoga practice. I studied one on one with another truly outstanding individual who led me to working very closely with my breath through the practice of pranayama.


When I moved to New York City I was deep into the practice and began attending and providing seva at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanata Center, also studying meditation, advanced pranayamas, Advaita Vedanta, the Bhagavad Gita and scriptures. I moved into the Sivananda Yoga Ranch Ashram in 2014 and attended the TTC where I received my 200hr RYT. I have attended the Advanced TTC, 500hr as well as Sadhana Intensive where 14 days are spent in 8+ hours of pranayama and asana.

I have lived and served in the Sivananda ashrams and centers in North and South India during the past 5 years, assisting in the TTC’s in Neyyerdam with 200+ students and in NY. I performed a 45 day solo silent retreat in the Himalayas with one swami practicing up to 10 hours of pranayama a day. I am an inspirational speaker and pranayama teacher in the rural parts of South India where I bring these practices to pre-teens and teens to help facilitate a clear, calm mind for studies and teen stress. I have worked with numerous people of all ages as a health coach including yogic practices into their wellness program with great success. I also provide services of nutritional guidance, personal chef, advanced Yoga Nidra, sound vibration healing, Reiki Master and lightworker, bodyworker and meditation counselor.

I created a traveling yoga school called Surya Chandra Yoga International in 2018 and facilitated a 200hr RYT training at Sri Chaitanya Ashram in Kannur, Kerala Oct, 2018. Yoga has been with me my entire life. I live it, breathe it, study, experience, experiment, guide, adapt and adjust with the union in my heart and mind; the union with my Self, the Soul Source. My life’s goal is to be like the blade of grass and flow with all the changes of the wind, yet remain firmly planted in the soil, strong and sturdy, ever present.

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