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A combination of ancient hermetic healing principles, cranial sacral therapy and Chris' natural intuitive energetic awareness and sensitivities (develeloped over 17 years). You will have the space to rebalance, explore and connect energetic gateways of your body, mind and spirit. The possibility of everything - is within your reach.

Sessions include both verbal and distance body work and will focus on whatever part of your life you are seeking to heal and restore (emotional, mental or physical). This is a very real experience of self empowerment that anyone can enjoy if that is their desire. Sessions can help with: anxiety, depression, self-esteem, physical pain and will be tailored to your needs at the moment.
​Please note: Distance healing is equally as effective as in person sessions, because these frequencies are outside the boundaries of time and space.


Christofer Lovrin is the founder of 3 Elements and a licensed massage therapist since 2003. He graduated from the New York College of Wholistic Health Education and Research. It was a life-transforming experience where he found and fostered natural talents and abilities in the healing arts. His private studies in Tai Chi, the martial arts, Chinese medicine and esoteric psychology have helped cultivate both his intuition and his energetic sensitivities to give him a unique and effective understanding of the healing process. Known as the "therapist's therapist" and a Natural Health Consultant. He has  researched and experimented  in the realms of health and over the years has expanded 3 Elements to include as many no-nonsense healing modalities as possible.

Wishing you health and awareness.

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CALL: 917 599-1411

     Long distance Session  $75

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