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Director:  Heather Principe

Empower yourself beyond what you thought was possible and join us as we journey into the deep hermetic realms of our reality.




Sunday October 29, 2023 &

Saturday November 4th

12:00pm - 6:00pm (includes a lunch break) 

Cost $199 for two day workshop

Discount Special:

Bring a friend or partner and they only pay 50% of the price

Cost $99.00

Questions? Please call 917 599.1411 We are here to help!

*Please be aware that space is very limited*

If you have been experiencing anxiety, depression, lack of focus or motivation, physical pain or relationship issues or just want to connect to your best self,  these classes will teach you how to SHIFT the energy.

About the Two-Day Introductory Class:

Hermetic energy balancing, as presented through Polarity Therapy, serves as an inviting gateway for anyone intrigued by the world of healing arts. Whether you've felt a calling to aid others in their physical and spiritual well-being but weren't sure where to begin, or if you simply desire to tap into your body's innate healing potential, Polarity Therapy is a fitting starting point. During these two immersive days, participants can anticipate delving deeper into the elemental energies governing the human energetic system and acquiring practical skills to connect with these energies. By the end of this transformative experience, you'll be equipped to address the root causes of imbalance and facilitate the journey toward physical, emotional and spiritual equilibrium.

Furthermore, this comprehensive introductory course offers participants valuable insights and lasting skills that can be applied throughout their lives. Participants will gain knowledge on how to serve as a sacred witness to the healing process, creating a nurturing space for individuals' body, mind, and soul. The event also provides a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share open hearts and minds and are eager to embark on this extraordinary healing journey.


Whether you are a teacher, bodyworker, psychologist, or simply a truth seeker, Polarity Therapy holds the potential to enhance your understanding and practice. Rooted in ancient hermetic wisdom and grounded in the principles of quantum physics, Polarity Therapy offers a holistic approach to healing, encompassing the alignment of mind, emotions, and the physical body with the spirit. These two days serve as an enriching foundation in the transformative world of Polarity Therapy, offering a profound taste of its power and potential.

Please note:

If you want to continue to dive deeper into the work, 3 Elements will be offering a Fall 2023 program in Hermetic Energy Balancing/Polarity Therapy beginning November 19, 2023.

About Heather Principe:

Heather Principe is a distinguished icon in the realm of hermetic energy healing and consciousness education, amassing a remarkable legacy spanning more than three decades on the East Coast. As the visionary founder of The Yoga and Polarity Center in Malverne, she stands as a pioneering force, enlightening individuals on the profound realms of yoga, subtle energy healing arts encompassing Polarity and Pranic Healing, and the cultivation of refined energetic listening skills tailored for bodyworkers. Heather's profound influence transcends her center's confines, as her profound wisdom has graced prestigious institutions such as the New Seminary and the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Furthermore, she orchestrates transformative retreats on a global scale, encompassing a diverse array of profound energetic healing modalities. Heather's unwavering dedication and unwavering leadership render her an undisputed luminary, empowering countless seekers to unlock the awe-inspiring potential of energy healing with unparalleled expertise.

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity! This two-day class is sure to sell out, so be sure to reserve your spot above.

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