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About Joanna

As a dedicated practitioner, Joanna is devoted to sharing and developing her knowledge of Polarity Therapy, Reiki, esoteric wisdom, and the utilization of sound and vibration as tools for becoming mindful architects of awareness. Incorporating the multiple facets of yoga and her energetic work, Joanna is committed to sharing the understanding of what tapping into our potentiality can do for our vitality and our lives.  

Distance Energy Healing Sessions

Receive healing from a distance utilizing the connective energetic Cosmic Field of Consciousness. With a myriad of healing modalities available, distance sessions are becoming increasingly popular, not because of imposed isolation, but because the reported benefits, effects, and experiences received from distance sessions are considered unparalleled by clients (as compared to in-person services). But why? My personal thought is that because energy must travel over a greater distance while moving through the energetic cosmic infrastructure, the session builds intensity through the process of momentum and traversing distance through the matrix grid (which is possible because thought forms hold a tiny yet significant amount of mass!) Scientists and quantum physicists are only now just starting to present their intensive research and results which support the potency of energetic work that has been realized for eons.

Join me for an experience of expansion beyond perceived limits and effortlessly open to the healing potentiality that exists within us all. Discover what the body, mind, and spirit can do for you when we allow health and ease to direct our lives. 

Past Life Regression Sessions - via Phone/Zoom

Past Life Regression is a technique that allows clients to access and recover memories from the past to inform their lives in the present.

A past life regression can help you:

  • Heal relationships with others and yourself

  • Uncover and release negatively-impacting patterns in the subconscious that no longer serve you

  • Gain greater understanding about your personal karmic challenges and how to overcome them

  • Find clarity in your personal experiences and relationships to better communicate

  • Discover your Soul Family and expand beyond your current paradigms

Through a series of visualizations and focused inquiry, the client is given permission to release into a place of ease and relaxation where they, while still being aware of the present moment, are able to become present with their unique chidākāsha (the space in consciousness that acts as a mental projector upon which the self views its reality).

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$50/ Hour Session