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Talk therapy can be very useful to many dealing with PTSD. Taking that work to the next level means grounding it into and through your body to release the stored tension, energy. “It’s about reclaiming your coherent sense of mind, body and spirit”. Underlying Chris’ approach is a spiritual acknowledgment that we are more than the mind and body alone. What ties it all together and gives these aspects life force is the creative spirit itself, that mysterious yet essential part of us that connects us all together and is divinely powerful, purely innocent and self organizing and harmonizing in nature. This is a very real experience of self empowerment that anyone can enjoy if that is their desire.


Sessions include both verbal and body work which will help you release physical or emotional trauma and begin the integration process of body, mind and spirit so that you may begin the journey to wholeness.


Christofer Lovrin is the founder of 3 Elements and a licensed massage therapist since 2003. He graduated from the New York College of Wholistic Health Education and Research. It was a life-transforming experience where he found and fostered natural talents and abilities in the healing arts. His private studies in Tai Chi, the martial arts, Chinese medicine and esoteric psychology have helped cultivate both his intuition and his energetic sensitivities to give him a unique and effective understanding of the healing process.


Known as the "therapist's therapist" and a Natural Health Consultant. He has  researched and experimented  in the realms of health and over the years has expanded 3 Elements to include as many no-nonsense healing modalities as possible.

Wishing you health and awareness.

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CALL: 718 428-6678


$140/in-person session

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